Anseong Overview 


  • Anseong Overview 
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  • 만나이 안내 새창열림
  • 본문인쇄
  • 트위터 공유 새창열림
  • 페이스북 공유 새창열림
  • 카카오스토리 공유 새창열림
  • 카카오톡 공유 새창열림
  • 밴드 공유 새창열림

Tree of the City – The Gingko Tree

  • Tree of the City – The Gingko Tree
  • “Endless development and strong will”
  • The ginkgo tree is a deciduous tree in the ginkgo tree family of the ginkgo tree order. It has a long history, and it is characterized by its strong resistance to cold and heat. It grows fast, and it has excellent resistance against diseases and insects, thus it can grow in any soil. With such robustness and ability to survive, it has become the tree of the city, symbolizing endless development and strong will.

Flower of the City - Forsythia

  • Flower of the City - Forsythia
  • “Peaceful and genuine generosity”
  • Forsythia is a deciduous, broad-leaved shrub in the ash tree family of the Korean gentian order. Its bark is grayish brown, and its branch is a little round that is close to a square, and when it reaches the earth, it takes roots. Except in Hamgyeong-do, forsythia is distributed across Korea, and is a typical flower that symbolizes spring. It blooms in mountains and in the fields in the spring. It blooms in sharp, yellow bunches in groups. It symbolizes the peaceful and genuine generosity of Anseong.

Bird of the City - Magpie

  • Bird of the City - Magpie
  • “Genuine will”
  • The magpie is a bird in the crow family of the sparrow order. In the Orient, people say that if the magpie cries, it signals an auspicious occasion, thus endearing it to people. It is also the national bird of South Korea. Across the country, the bird is breeding, and it is commonly seen mainly in urban gardens and agricultural villages, among other flat lands. It symbolizes the genuine will of Anseong.