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Anseong Matchum Craft Culture Center

Anseong Matchum Craft Culture Center
Complex Craft Culture and Art Space for General Visitors and Craftsmen

The center presents 8 workshops in six areas, including ceramics, metalworks, woodcraft, fabric works, Korean paper works, and painting. Each workshop operates a craft experience room for visitors, and presents the artifact specialist art shop, Crat (Craft + Art), and other diverse craft cultures.

Operation Time
  • Year-round (Closed on Mondays)
Workshops' Experiential Programs

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Workshops' Experiential Programs, Craft Experience Center, Experience Outline
Craft Experience Center Experience Outline
Dada Woodcraft Interior Crafting cars and airplanes, D.I.Y. furniture school
Metal Workshop Gaiya Crafting copper-plate watches, silver rings, silver earrings, and silver necklaces
Fabric Workshop Muldeulim Natural dyeing using indigo, onion skin, etc., Needlework craft
Metal Workshop Suni Crafting silver necklaces, wooden memo pads, silver rings, and bag hangars as characters
Kim Gyeong-sun Hand Painting Crafting T-shirts and eco-bags
Ceramics Workshop Danji Handicraft-making and electric spinning wheel experience
Ceramics Workshop Botteulgama Experiencing spinning wheels (crafting rice bowls, soup bowls)
Korean Paper Workshop Bodam Gallery Crafting multi-purpose holders and mini lights

Anseong Matchum Craft Culture Center

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    Namsadang-ro 198-10 (Anseong Matchum Craft Culture Center), Bogae-myeon, Anseong, Gyeonggi-do

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