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Anseong Jonghap Bus Terminal

  • Address: Bibong-ro 85, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Tel : ☎1688-1845

Settlement Places and Stopovers of Intercity Buses

Anseong Jonghap Bus Terminal-Citizens' Hall-Hankyong National University-Chungang University-Daerimdongsan-Gongdo-Jueun Poonglim Apartment
※ hall and Hankyong University, buses will stop over during rush hours, etc. So, check the intercity bus timetable.


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It is a table for transportation in Anseong. You can view firm and phone number by category.
Category Firm Phone
Express Bus Kumho Express, Dongyang Express 031-677-6789
Intercity Express Bus Daewon Express, Gyeonggi Express 031-675-5483, 02-3436-6366
Geumnam Express 042-584-7766
Daesung Express 043-283-3558
Gyeongil Bus Transport 043-533-7266
City Bus Baekseong Transport 031-673-3456
Intracity Bus Hyeopjin Passenger Transport 031-656-3385