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  • 만나이 안내 새창열림
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  • 트위터 공유 새창열림
  • 페이스북 공유 새창열림
  • 카카오스토리 공유 새창열림
  • 카카오톡 공유 새창열림
  • 밴드 공유 새창열림


Anseong City Hall

  • Directions from the Gyeongbu Expressway (Anseong IC)
    • Anseong IC ▶ National Road No. 38 ▶ Korea Polytechnic Colleges ▶ Jungang University ▶ Daedeok Tunnel ▶ Bibong Tunnel (No. 1 milestone) ▶ Pass through Bibong Tunnel along the National Road 38 and go straight to the right lane (No. 2 lane) ▶ Turn right at the three-way intersection, or go straight along the National Road 38 (No. 3 milestone) ▶ Turn right onto the hill along Bongsan Rotary (No. 4 milestone)
  • Directions from the Jungbu Expressway (Iljuk IC)
    • Ijuk IC ▶ Go straight on National Road 38 (No. 1 milestone) ▶ After the Dongsin Elementary School, turn left at the second three-way intersection ▶ Turn right to the hill along the Bongsan Rotary (No. milestone)
  • Anseong City Hall address

    Sicheong-gil 25 (Bongsan-dong), Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do