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Factory Establishment System

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It is a table for factory establishment system. You can view the approval of factory establishment, Approval of startup business plan by category.
Category Approval of factory establishment Approval of startup business plan
Processing period 7 days 20 days
Handling of agenda 34 laws (69 approvals) 36 laws (69 approvals)
Applicable law Act on the Activation of Industrial Clusters and the Establishment of Factories Small and Medium Enterprise Establishment Act
Tax reduction and exemption and funding Nil Tax reduction and exemption
Utilization (Seoul metropolitan area) conditions meet individual laws, the application can be approved. The application can be approved if an SME is not yet 7 years old since its inception.

Factory Establishment Procedure

  • 01

    Applicant name

    application for factory
    establishment approval
    • selection of projected factory site
    • application form and business plan, preparation of required documents
    • log on to the Factory at to apply.
  • 02


    Consultation with the mayor
    and related departments
    • multiple civil complaints review
    • site adequacy and feasibility review
    • environmental review
    • approval or non-approval of construction
  • 03


    issuance of factory
    establishment approval
  • 04


    factory construction
    • construction approval
    • report of construction commencement
    • interim inspection of construction
    • inspection of construction use
  • 05


    report of completion of
    the factory establishment
    • installation of machinery necessary for the factory
    • operation, reporting within 2 months after installation of machinery and equipment
  • 06


    factory registration
    • factory registration, and confirmation of the factory establishment completion report

Application for Change in Factory Registration

If changes occur after factory registration is completed
Ex.: Company name, representative name, factory site area, factory building area, business type, location, etc.

Cancellation of Factory Registration

In case the registered factory cannot begin operations because it is closed, transferred to a different area, or transferred to a third party.

Points to note when applying for factory registration (excluding industrial complexes)

  • The factory building use that can be registered when the factory building area is 500 ㎡ or more ▶ factory
  • The factory building uses that can be registered when the factory building is less than 500 ㎡ ▶ Of class 2 neighborhood facilities, manufacturer's repair shops and laundries, and other similar facilities where, within the same building, the total floor area used for relevant occupation is less than 500 ㎡, and where, in accordance with the Air, Water, and Environment Preservation Act or the Noise and Vibration Regulation Act, the approval (report) for the installation of discharge facilities is not required.
  • The applicant shall contact us beforehand because the Construction Law (Ordinance), Industrial Cluster Activation and Factory Establishment Act, and other related laws may be changed from time to time.
  • The factory building area calculation is not related to the number of factories in a building (whether or not the factory is registered); it shall be calculated based on the summing up of the floor area.
  • If the applicant wants to lease a building to register the factory, make sure that there is no existing factory in the building, and check the floor area (leased area) if there is an existing factory.