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  • 만나이 안내 새창열림
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  • 밴드 공유 새창열림

Anseong Matchum Camping Site

Anseong Matchum Camping Site
A Healing Space with Nature

The Anseong Matchum Camping Site, located within Anseong's landmark, Anseong Matchum Land, presents a pleasant natural environment, a Namsadang performance, and the Astronomical Science Museum, where you can observe constellations, and delight in other diverse sightseeing and experiential attractions. It is worth visiting.

Operation Time
  • Year-round
  • Daily operating hours : 14:00 ~ 11:00 the following day
Admission Fees

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Admission Fees, Facilities, Use of facilities, Peak season (July, August), Low season, Remarks, Weekends, holidays, Weekdays
Facilities Use of facilities Peak season (July, August) Low season Remarks
Weekends, holidays Weekdays
Camping site 1 location 20,000won 20,000won 15,000won
  • Including electricity charge
Auto camping 1 location/1 car 25,000won 25,000won 20,000won
Caravan site 1 location/1 car 35,000won 35,000won 25,000won
Caravan fixed 1 location 4-person 120,000won 100,000won 80,000won
6-person 160,000won 120,000won 100,000won
Glamping 1 location 150,000won 120,000won 100,000won
Camp fire 2 hours 15,000 won 15,000 won

Anseong Matchum Camping Site

  • Address

    Namsadang-ro 198 (Anseong Matchum Camping Site), Bogae-myeon, Anseong, Gyeonggi-do

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