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What is the safety report?

it is the system to solve problem for something danger in your live if you find out. Also, you can call Ministry of Public Administration and Security by cell-phone and PC.

Items for safety report

It includes all the fields like the daily lives, transport, facility, school and children, as well as hardware and software including practices, laws and systems.

  • School safety
    Secure safety
    in school paths,
    school zones and facilities
  • Daily safety
    Secure safety in emergency exits, trail paths, promenades and observatories
  • Transport safety
    Risk factors like Malfunctioned
    traffic lights,
    pavement and coloring
  • Facility safety
    Threaten residents like cracks on apartment walls and losing reinforcement dirt
  • Industial safety
    Report illegal activities like risk of electric shock and failing to follow safety regulations by gas storage and sales companies
  • Social safety
    Cyber security, sexual violence,
    food poisoning,
    adulterated food, etc.
  • Ocean safety
    Illegal approaching, passenger safety, passenger terminal safety, etc.
  • other agencies, etc
    Upgrade safety consciousness, safety regulation review by other agencies, etc.

Safety Report