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Origin of Namsadang

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  • 만나이 안내 새창열림
  • 본문인쇄
  • 트위터 공유 새창열림
  • 페이스북 공유 새창열림
  • 카카오스토리 공유 새창열림
  • 카카오톡 공유 새창열림
  • 밴드 공유 새창열림

Namsadang is an itinerant troupe that, during the late Joseon period, danced, sang, and performed acrobatics in marketplaces and villages. They were specialist performing artists, making them the country's first pop culture group. They originated from the Cheongnyongsa Temple in Cheongnyong-ri, Seoun-myeon, Anseong. The Namsadang from this location was called Anseong Namsadang.

Baudeogi lived during the period of Joseon’s King Gojong. She showed excellent performing skills in the Namsadang troupe, and established herself as the star entertainer in today's standards. Baudeogi, a woman, was promoted to the lead performer, Kkokdusoe, at the age of 15, and led the troupe at her prime.

At that time, Prince Heungseon was reconstructing the Gyeongbokgung Palace, and the Anseong Namsandangpae troupe, led by Baudeogi, demonstrated the best performance, thus pleasing the workers. To show his appreciation, the prince granted Baudeogi a jade hat, which is equivalent to class 3 official status.